Salad as a Meal: Quinoa Salad

**This post is part of a month-long series as I participate in theĀ Salad as a Meal Challenge.

It’s fitting that my last recipe of salad as a meal involves quinoa.

Quinoa has been a life saver for me as someone who is gluten-free. It’s full of fiber, vitamins and nutrients, and it tastes great. Plus–you can eat it on Passover!

If you’ve never had quinoa, I encourage you to try it. It’s a great replacement for rice, barley, or even pasta. Make sure to follow the directions on the box though, I know a lot of people who don’t like quinoa because it was cooked incorrectly. I also like it best cooked with vegetable stock, not just water.

The only thing I added to this salad were some halved baby heirloom tomatoes–I had some left over from my heirloom tomato soup and didn’t want them to go to waste.

Thanks again to all my readers for following me through my Salad as a Meal challenge. I’ll give you one more week to enter to win a copy of the cookbook–drawing will be this Friday, April 22! Just post a comment on any of the Salad as a Meal posts.

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  1. We eat Quinoa in our household about 8 months out of the year – starting with Passover and continuing for about 8 months before we move on or forget about it until the next time around! But we’re going to definitely have to try the salad. The picture makes it look so good!

  2. I love quinoa – I don’t make it all that often (except now in pizza crust form!) because my husband isn’t too fond of it, but it is so versatile and healthy for you!

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