30 Days to Easy Gluten-Free Living: Gluten-Free on a Budget

This post is part of the 30 Days to Easy Gluten-Free Living event. Check out all the other great posts here. There is a misconception that maintaining a gluten-free diet is really expensive. If you buy all of the fancy baked goods and gluten-free bread that costs $8.00 per loaf, yeah–living gluten-free is going to […]

Outside the Salad Bowl: Spinach & Macadamia Nut Crusted Mahi

**This post is part of a month-long series as I participate in the┬áSalad as a Meal Challenge. This isn’t a recipe from Salad as a Meal, but I had a whole bunch of spinach left over from my egg crepe, and I wanted to find an innovative way to eat it. And I did–by crusting […]

Penny Pinching Tip #11: Leftovers Make-Over

I hear it all the time that people don’t like to eat leftovers. They ate it the day before, they’re bored of it, they want something new. So the poor leftovers sit in the fridge until they are green and fuzzy, then end up in the trash. Well, penny pinchers–you wouldn’t believe how much money […]

Hickory Grill-Smoked Salmon w/ Crispy Rosemary

Taking advantage of the good weather, my family and I have been grilling a lot the past few weekends. [It’s bittersweet, because I really like it, but I’m not the family griller. My brother, Eytan, was.┬áThe first time I grilled without him I totally lost it, but I’m cutting my self a lot of slack […]

Basil, Ginger & Pine Nut Crusted Salmon

I love doing crusted fish; it adds such a great texture, and you can do so much with different flavors. Last night, I decided on one of my favorite flavor combinations–basil, ginger, garlic & pine nut. It’s pretty much a pesto coating, with ginger added for an extra little kick. I used my immersion blender […]

Dinner Party Appetizer: Sesame-Soy Salmon w/ Crispy Brown Rice Cake

For my dinner party I wanted to start with a fish course; I like Asian flavors for salmon, so I created a sesame-soy marinade with a little bit of sriracha for heat. While the salmon lay soaking up those wonderful flavors, I put together an accompaniment for the plate. I wanted something with crunch and […]

Pine Nut, Parsley & Mustard Seed Crusted Salmon

My Penzey’s purchase this past weekend also included a bag of yellow mustard seeds (smells like pickles, or rather pickles smell like it because it’s a common pickling spice! A little spicy, a little bitter, really great flavor). After browsing the internet for some uses, I decided to use it to crust fish; I wanted […]

Ginger-Lemon Tuna Steaks & Roasted Vegetable Medley

Thanks to everyone who has sent me feedback about the blog, both publicly and privately. It really helps to know what people are enjoying, and what they’d like to see more of! This blog post is for you, DSK–one non-vegetarian full dinner menu coming right up! (P.S. I didn’t know you always wanted to be […]