Rella’s Gluten-Free Pizza

I really, really miss pizza. Over the last few years, I have made some good and a lot of really awful pizza crusts trying to replicate the crispy chew of pizza dough (straight into the trash with those!). I still haven’t been able to replicate quite the right “chew” for pizza crust (yet!), but this […]

Spicy Sauted Purple Cabbage

Cabbage is a delicious and incredibly cheap super food. It’s rich in vitamins K and C, antioxidants, and there have been many research studies about the cancer prevention and even treatment properties of cabbage. Purple (also referred to as red) cabbage has the highest nutritional value, plus I think it tastes the best. And it’s […]

Strawberry Coconut Granita

For me, there is nothing more delicious than a cool, refreshing granita to top off a summer meal. Here I pair strawberries with a little coconut milk and a hint of cinnamon, but if you like this also works great with whatever fruit is in season: Peaches, pineapple, or even melon. Strawberry Coconut Granita Ingredients: […]

30 Days to Easy Gluten-Free Living: Gluten-Free on a Budget

This post is part of the 30 Days to Easy Gluten-Free Living event. Check out all the other great posts here. There is a misconception that maintaining a gluten-free diet is really expensive. If you buy all of the fancy baked goods and gluten-free bread that costs $8.00 per loaf, yeah–living gluten-free is going to […]

Outside the Salad Bowl: Edamamole

**This post is part of a month-long series as I participate in the Salad as a Meal Challenge. Patricia Wells has a great recipe she calls “Guacamole Light,” which substitutes some of the avocado for peas. Genius! I’m not a huge fan of the texture of peas, so I decided to use edamame instead (not so […]

Salad from the Pantry: Pickled Garlic

**This post is part of a month-long series as I participate in the Salad as a Meal Challenge. One of my favorite parts of this cookbook is the whole section in the back called “Pantry.” I rely on the stock in my pantry to help keep my food costs down, and already do many of the […]