Penny Pinching Tip #12: Edible Holiday Gifts

I’m spending the holidays with AK’s family, and I wanted to bring an inexpensive but unique gift with me as a token of my appreciation. After some thought [fine, about 2 minutes worth :)], I decided to do something edible.

Candied nuts are always a party favorite, and a wonderful homemade gift. I found some colorful little serving bowls from Bed Bath & Beyond ($2.51 each after a 20% off coupon)–this way, the hosts can eat the nuts, and keep a beautiful candy dish! You can also use mason jars, or any other container you (there were some mini trifle dishes I contemplated, but they would have been too have to transport in my luggage). Just wrap it up in some cellophane, tie a ribbon around the top, and voila! A hand-crafted holiday gift that is both personal and delicious. You can even add a hand-written or printed recipe card.

Try one of these candied nut recipes (or all three, and make a candied nut medley!):

  1. Smoky maple & brown sugar pecans are an all-time favorite
  2. Ginger & brown sugar walnuts are sweet, with a spicy little kick for added pizazz
  3. Sweet and smoky glazed almonds, savory with just the right bit of sweetness

And drum roll please……..thanks again to Webstaurant Store for helping me host my first giveaway. The winner is: Kerri, who said:

“i would LOVE to win because i’m just starting pastry school and in need of supplies!!! =).”

Congratulations, Kerri! You’ll get an email from me with details for claiming your prize.

Happy holiday to one and all!

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