Outside the Salad Bowl: Babaganoush

**This post is part of a month-long series as I participate in theΒ Salad as a Meal Challenge.

There are so many different ways to eat vegetables outside of the salad bowl–from soups to spreads. This is one of my favorite veggie-based spreads: Babaganoush. I grew up eating baba that was drowned in mayonnaise, so pretty much as soon as I could I started making my own with ingredients I like. Patricia Wells has a smooth, delicious baba recipe in Salad as a Meal that I slathered on gluten-free bread and rice cakes, and dipped carrots, cucumber, tomatoes in…you get the idea πŸ™‚

[The baba was also perfect because AK bought a little bit too much eggplant when he misread my recipe for baingan bharta, which could totally count as salad as a meal!]

There are some wonderful aspects to making your own baba. You can customize it however you like: Adding more lemon, garlic, tahini, or whatever flavor you like the most. You can also leave out the tahini and it’s totally Passover friendly!

What’s your favorite veggie-based spread? Leave a comment and you’ll be entered to win a copy of Salad as a Meal!

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  1. Looks great. I like the idea of leaving out the tahini. I usually buy a big jar to make hummus and then can’t remember how long it’s been in the refrigerator when I need it again, so I throw it out and buy a new jar. And then the cycle repeats πŸ™‚

  2. Absolutely guacamole! The first time someone brought me some in a restaurant, I thought it was the most horrible-looking thing I’d ever seen. But I was brave, and now I’m a devotee.

  3. Oh I LOVE Babaganoush. I make mine similarly to David Lebovitz’s recipe, only I throw in a bit of smoked paprika and cumin. Now you have me craving it…yum.

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