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Gluten-Free Rolls

Made with finely ground golden flax seed and baked free form.

Gluten-Free Rolls: Made with finely ground golden flax seed and baked free form

One of the hardest things to replicate with gluten-free products is the stretchy, chewy texture of bread. I have experimented with many different methods of recreating the feel without the gluten protein (some of which went straight into the trash), but after all of the trial-and-error I think I have finally figured it out! Ground flax seed.

When mixed with hot water, ground flax seed forms a gelatinous slurry, and is often used as an egg substitute in vegan baking. I’ve been trying to incorporate flax seed into my diet for a variety of reason (click here for more about the health benefits of flax) by throwing a few tablespoons into my baked goods, so I thought, why not try a flax seed slurry instead?Continue Reading

Cheesy Spinach Kugel

cheesy spinach kugel

This was the most popular dish I made over the first days of Pesach (Passover). Other than draining the spinach, which can be a bit time consuming, it’s really simple to throw together and into the oven. This recipe easily doubles if you are having a very large crowd, and it also freezes well.Continue Reading

A Sweet New Year: Gluten-Free Apple Kugel

Wow, it has been a long time since I posted anything! We just bought and moved into our first home so it’s been an incredibly hectic few months. I promise I’ll post pictures of the new place when it’s less of a disaster zone 🙂

Cinnamon Apple Kugel

This is a little late for Rosh Hashana (Jewish New Year), but here is a delicious fall recipe and an all-time favorite sweet kugel recipe of mine: apple kugel.Continue Reading

Carrot Cake Muffins

I love carrot cake, but most recipes produce a very oily and heavy cake. So I set out to create all of the flavors of the perfect carrot cake in a much healthier gluten-free and dairy-free version. Yum! I frosted these with a cinnamon cream cheese frosting in honor of the Jewish holiday of Shavuot (it is traditional to eat dairy on Shavuot), and they were a huge hit. Frosted, these muffins are great for a dessert. Unfrosted, they make a great breakfast-on-the-go!Continue Reading