Dinner Party Salad: Spinach, Heirloom Tomato & Blood Orange Salad

I am a huge fan of blood oranges. They add great color to any dish, and have a more robust flavor than many other orange varieties, so they are really good salads and salad dressings. Because of the snow I couldn’t get anywhere but TJ’s, but I would have added some thinly sliced fennel to […]

Citrus-Dressed Snow Pea & Tomato Salad

I had dinner at a friend’s place a few weeks ago and was asked to bring a salad. I had originally planned on a Romaine lettuce salad, but my lettuce was yucky so I had to improvise. Evaluating the veggies I had on hand (I had already been to TJs once that day), I decided […]

One-Pot Wonder: Chicken, Tomato & Red Lentil Curry

I’m a big fan of one-pot dishes–something that I can make in a single pot that serves as a meal complete with all of the important food groups: starch, veggies, good fats and protein. I’ve made only a million variations of this dish. My base is sauted onions and garlic, chicken, and canned tomatoes, but […]

Pantry Raid: Tomato & Chickpea Stew

I went to a tweetup last night sponsored by a cool foodie group engaging in community service; I had to leave pretty early to metro there, but wanted to make sure I had a good dinner first so I threw together this tomato & chickpea stew from what I had in my pantry/fridge. It was […]