Gingersnap Cookies via Chosen Bites

Hello, and thanks for stopping by! I am currently offering a selection of baked goods for pickup in the DC Metro area (delivery on a case-by-case basis, and if you live outside of the DC metro area and would like me to ship an order to you, please let me know and we can discuss shipping costs). If you have soy, corn, or other food allergies, I can absolutely accommodate you, just make sure you mention in your email. Other baked goods may be offered on a case-by-case basis, email me at rella (at) chosenbites (dot) com for more information!

Current Selection:

Cakes & Bread:

Chocolate chip banana cake (gf/df/sf/nf) — 8×8, $10.50
Pumpkin crumb cake (gf/df/sf) — 8×8, $10.50
Challah rolls (gf/df/nf/sf) — 1 dozen individual rolls (muffin-sized), $11.50


 Cookie Type  Allergen Information (see key below) 1-2 Dozen 2+ Dozen
Classic Chocolate Chip gf/df/nf (sf option) $10.50/dz $9.50/dz
Double Chocolate gf/df/nf/ (sf option) $10.50/dz $9.50/dz
Espresso Chocolate Chip gf/df/nf (sf option) $10.50/dz $9.50/dz
Cinnamon Chocolate Chunk gf/df/nf (sf option) $10.50/dz $9.50/dz
Snickerdoodles gf/df/nf/sf $11.50/dz $10.50/dz
Gingersnaps gf/df/nf/sf $11.50/dz $10.50/dz
Hazelnut Chocolate Chip gf/df (sf option) $12.50/dz $11.50/dz
Cherry Chocolate Chip gf/df/nf (sf option) $12.50/dz $11.50/dz
White Chocolate Macadamia gf/df $12.50/dz $11.50/dz
S’mores Cookies gf/df/nf $12.50/dz $11.50/dz

Allergen Key:
gf = gluten free
df = dairy free
nf = peanut and tree nut free (including derivatives, e.g. peanut oil)
sf = soy free (including derivatives, e.g. soy lecithin)
option = contains an allergen, but can be adapted to be allergen free

All items are prepared in a kosher, gluten-free kitchen.