The Power & Passion of the Blogging Community

Donate to Bloggers without Borders!

I am constantly inspired by the power and passion of the blogging community, a community to which I am honored and humbled to belong.

We rally around each other. Last September, when Ivory Hut’s house burned down and her family lost everything, her friends started a fund to help her get back on her feet.

Dana of Broke-Ass Bride suffers from an eye ailment that requires many extensive surgeries or else she will go blind, and her friend have rallied to help her pay for the surgeries.

And today I found out about Sheila from Strawberry Cake, who I have never heard of, but she is a fellow food blogger who has family in Joplin, MO. And Kristen of Confessions of a Cookbook Queen who has family in Etna, AR, also hit by a tornado.

And the blogging community has rallied yet again, establishing Bloggers without Borders to help raise money for those in Joplin affected by the devastating tornado.

The stories are heartbreaking, and unfortunately there are many, many people who lost loved ones in the recent tornadoes. I don’t know anyone in Joplin or Etna, and I probably never will, but my small donation can help the people there recover from the utter devastation left in the tornado’s wake. Because my small donation will join hundreds or even thousands of other small donations, and together we have the power to really make a difference.

Please consider making a donation–no amount is too small! Just click on the Bloggers without Borders donation badge.

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